Learning about new objects

AGE: 4-9 years olds

TIME: 10-15 minutes

What do children learn about a new kind of object when they see it for the first time? This is a 10-15-minute self-guided game in your web browser where we introduce your child to a bunch of examples of two new kinds of objects, and then see what they've learned about the objects from those examples. This study works best with a keyboard and mouse, but it should work on a tablet as well. There are spoken instructions in the study, so please make sure your child can hear them.

The link below will take you a short consent form for the parent to fill out. At the end of the consent it will take you directly to the study itself. Please only fill out the form when you are ready to have your child do the activity!

If you have questions or run into any technical issues, please contact the researcher: jonathan.f.kominsky (at) gmail.com

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